ASKO's story started in 1950, and was inspired by one young man's love for his mother. It was his dream to build her a washing machine that would not only make her life easier, but also give her more time to do the things she really cared about.

    We're inspired by Scandinavian values: healthy living, fairness, care for people, functional and minimalistic design, dedicated craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. We want to reflect the values of care, honesty, reliability and respect and combine them with a feeling for quality and respect for the environment.

    We are driven by the passion to create products that can become a much-loved part of your home, that are a joy to use, that take great care of you and your family, and that can provide you with the inspiration, the opportunity and the time to do the things you really enjoy.

    Finnish carpenter Aukusti Asko-Avonius founded the ASKO furniture group.

    UPO metal production was founded, producing for instance baby carriages and steel piping beds.

    The first washing machine is produced by Karl-Erik Andersson in Vara, Sweden, Junga Verkstäder is established.

    First Finnish household appliance – a refrigerator – is produced in Lahti.

    First washer is produced in Lahti.

    First cooker is produced in Lahti.

    First cold iron is produced in Lahti.

    First dishwasher is produced and export starts from Vara.

    First built in ovens are produced in Lahti.

    First tumble dryer is produced in Vara.

    Asea acquire Junga Verkstäder, change of name to Asea Cylinda.

    Own sales organizations established in Norway, Denmark, USA, Australia and New Zeeland.

    Quattro construction for washers is developed.

    ASKO acquire ABB Cylinda, change of name to Asko Appliances.

    New cooker factory and central warehouse in Lahti.


    Antonio Merloni acquire Asko Appliances.

    ASKO becomes the first brand with a design-coordinated laundry care concept on the market.

    ASKO launches in Sweden.

    New owner of Asko Appliances: Gorenje Group, Slovenia.

    Asko Appliances AB move headoffice to Lidköping, Sweden.

    The Elements design-coordinated cooking range is launched.

    The Craft design-coordinated cooking range is launched.

    Launch of the Pro Home Laundry range.

    The ASKO Pro Home Laundry concept is awarded the Red Dot Best of the Best prize.