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Professional dishwashers from Asko Appliances

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    Professional performance

    ASKO Commercial dishwashers have low energy and water consumption: they are all are ECO models and can be connected to either hot or cold water. They fulfil prevailing hygiene requirements and are therefore ideal for pre-schools, schools, smaller restaurants or cafés, public institutions or offices.  They provide effective cleaning for all kind of loads, the possibility to design your own programs and are made of high quality professional stainless steel that lasts.

    • Number of place settings: 14 pcs
    • Number of baskets: 2
    • Upper basket type: Premium - Basket wiring in steel, fixed pin rows and foldable wine shelves
    • Size: XL, 820 mm
    • Turbo Drying™ ensures the dish is dry and cool with fan assisted evacuation of moist
    • Installation: Built-in
    • Range: Professional
    • Energy stars: 3